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Here we list new brewing equipment in stock and available for sale. We only list kit from suppliers we trust. Manufacturers we used ourselves or recommended by people I trust in my brewing network.

I’m a British brewing consultant with 27-years experience in the industry. I’ve done a number of brewery installs and now help people with the brewing projects.

Please see the equipment below which is in stock and available.

The 5HL (4.25-US Barrel) Brewhouse Unit (USD$ 18,855 – AUD$ 28,017)

This 500-liter steam heated brewhouse comes with a combined mash/kettle and lauter/whirlpool. A brewhouse design known as a “German System”.

So, it’s a 3-vessel system on a 2-vessel footprint. The mash/kettle has a paddle to aid mixing of the mash.

The heat exchanger is two-stage, using both mains water and glycol to chill the wort, also comes with a wort aeration unit too.

Brewing Equipment Stock of Trusted Supplier - 500L Brewhouse Unit - Side View
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 500-Liter Pot Still (USD$20,100 – AUD$29,915)

500-liter Pot Still Finished

This is a small 500-liter pot still from one of my trusted suppliers. It was made for a client who couldn’t go through with final payment.

So, now it’s available for purchase to someone in need of a still. Actual volume is 620-liters, but with 500 liters working volume.

All the copper is red copper and either 3 or 4mm thick. It’s a steam heated still, with a swan neck, Lynn arm and a condenser.

The spirit outlet is made of SU304, with a glass bell jar. An alcohol hydrometer can be added to measure the alcohol content.

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The 5Bbl (5.87-Hectoliters) Brewhouse Unit (USD$ 26,875 – AUD 39,985) – New Brewing Equipment in Stock

Brewing Equipment Stock of Trusted Supplier - 5Bbl. Brewhouse Unit - True Front View

This brewhouse unit is 5 US-Barrels (5.87HL). It’s a 3-vessel brewhouse; with mash mixer, lauter tun and combined kettle/whirlpool.

There are two working platforms plus, two-manifolds for directing water and wort where needed.

Much of this brewhouse is hard-piped for ease of use. Still, this is a manual brewhouse, as is. However, a level of automation can be added, as required.

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300-Liter Mobile Steam Still (USD$ 33,975 – AUD$ 50,565)

There’s a 300-liter mobile (on wheels) steam heated pot still ready and available for sale. This is a complete unit. Technical drawings are available on request.

The still pot has an actual volume of 450-liters, but as stated only 300-liters of working volume. All copper on the still is red copper and 3mm thick.

Has a gin basket for aromatics and the spirit outlet is made of SU304 with a glass bell jar. An alcohol hydrometer can be added to measure the alcohol content.

300-liter still front view
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50 and 100-Liter Fermentation Vessels – New Brewing Equipment in Stock

Brewing Equipment Stock of Trusted Supplier - 50L Fermenters

There are 30 x 50-liter and 4 x 100-liter FV’s available. All these fermentation vessels have a working pressure of 2-Bar (30 Psi).

Please note – None of these tanks come with spunding valves, but potentially available on request.

The price of the 50-liter FV’s are: USD$1,075 (AUD$ 1,600)

The price of the 100-liter FV’s are: USD$ 1,400 (AUD$ 2,083) for the 100-liter tanks.

Fermentation Vessel Button

Other Equipment Available – The List

Please see the list below to see other items available, which I’ve not yet written a dedicated posts about. For now, I’ve just covered some of the brewhouses, stills and the smaller fermenters.

Brewing Equipment Stock of Trusted Supplier - The Main List - Final

If you’re interested in any of the equipment listed. Please, get in touch to get more infromation and to ask any questions you have. My email address is:

Or if you rather contact me via your preferred network. Simply scan the relevant QR code below, add me and then send me a message. Thanks for reading and have a good day.

Neil Playfoot

Neil is a brewer with 25 years international brewing experience. Based out of China (first came in 2010) he works as a brewing consultant helping brewers with their projects and brewing processes. To find out what services Neil can provide your brewery please click here. If you'd like to contact Neil you can email at
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