Hi, my name is Neil, I’m a brewer from the UK. Who has spent the past 25-years brewing around the world on various projects. I’ve worked in France, Portugal, Bermuda, Hong Kong and Armenia.

I’ve done many brewery installations plus, worked on brewhouses of all sizes. From brewpub to production brewery and am now based in Shanghai.

If you would like me to help out on your project, please fill out this questionnaire so, I can understand the scope of your project.

I first came to China in 2010 so, know the brewing equipment market here, inside and out. I’m happy to chat about any project.

So, feel free to contact me, my email address is:


Or you can phone me on: +86-198-3569-0959

Last but not least, you can message me directly using your preferred network. Simply scan the relevant QR code below, add me and send me a message.

I look forward to hearing about your project. Below is a podcast I appeared on where I talk about putting a brewery equipment list together and sourcing said equipment.

For now, thanks for visiting my site and have a great day.