As an Asian brewing consultant I offer brewing assistance to companies looking to set up breweries in Asia. In addition I can help breweries outside Asia buy Chinese made brewing equipment.

Hello, my name is Neil Playfoot and I’m a British brewer with 25 years experience in the brewing industry. I’ve worked several countries including the UK, France, Bermuda and China.

In addition I have consulted on several brewing projects from Hong Kong to the Cayman Islands and have a wide network of industry contacts.

Asian Brewing Consultant - Neil Playfoot Mashing In
Me Helping Put On A Brewpub System in Wuxi, China

I first came to China 8 years ago to be a head brewer. That being the case I later decided to become brewing consultant full time. My current project involves buying equipment and helping install a 20 HL brewery in Yunnan, China.

Harness 24 Years Experience and Large Network Of Brewing Contacts For Your Brewery

I have worked in both brewpubs and production breweries on a number of systems. My last position was production manager of a 30 HL brewery. Which had 70HL FV’s, centrifuge, bottling and kegging lines in Armenia.

I built up a team from scratch and wrote SOP’s. I also implemented health and safety protocols as well as built out new recipes for their core range of beers.

Asian Brewing Consultant – What I can do for You

With this in mind I can offer several services tailor made to suit your needs:

–>If you have a tight budget I know Chinese manufacturers who can build high quality manual breweries to suit your needs. I know breweries who have used these manufacturers and can supply testimonials of their build quality.

–>If you need some automation I know manufactures that can build breweries to you specification depending on budget.

Chinese Craft Breweries
Helping You Get The Brewery You Need

Furthermore these manufacturers can offer their own Chinese brewing software at a lower price (that have an English language option). Or they can install European made software for those with a larger budget.

With either option please note the electronics most Chinese brewing equipment manufacturers use are European made electronics like Siemens for critical parts.

–> I can help you with installing your brewing system. As well as put procedures in place utilizing my experience of brewing installs. Also, as part of my service I can build recipes to your specifications for your core beer range.

What Else…?

In addition I can build healthy and safety protocols, create SOP’s and train staff setting you up to be successful for the long term.

–> I can source a particular pieces of equipment if you are looking to upgrade your brewery. Recently I had a brewery in the Caribbean looking to upgrade from DE filtering to purchasing a centrifuge.

An entry level centrifuge in Europe or the US starts at US$70,000. You can source a centrifuge for in China for US$30,000. Which means even with shipping costs; the purchase and ROI (return on investment) is way less.

Chinese Centrifuge with Low Dissolved Oxygen Read by a Haffeman DO Meter

Speaking of ROI, I know of a brewer in Greece who paid off the investment on his fermentation vessels after 4.5 turns!

The Horror Stories of Chinese Brewing Equipment

It is fair to say that in 10 years Chinese brewing equipment has come a long way. When overseas breweries first bought equipment from China 10 years ago we heard about unsanitary welds or even people not getting the equipment they ordered.

However times have changed and now many US and European brewing equipment manufacturers buy their tank from China. Then add the finishing touches in-house before sending to the client often for a premium.

Why pay a middleman when you can get a brewery direct from the manufacturer.

Now many breweries outside China are opting for Chinese made breweries. Recently Bold Republic Brewing out of Texas purchased brewing equipment made in China.

Moreover the big boys like AB InBev are using Chinese made equipment for installations. With their brew-house purchases for Goose Island brewpubs, brewpubs in India and an innovation brewery for Hand and Malt in South Korea.

Budweiser Being Drank On the Beach
Even the Big Boys Use Chinese Made Brewing Equipment

For more information about buying Chinese made equipment read our article “Is it Safe to Buy Chinese Brewing Equipment” for a more in-depth look.

Asian Brewing Consultant – Planning A Brewery

How Big To Go With Your Brewery

When planning your brewery you need to know how big to go. Start too small and your cost of expansion further down the line could be prohibitive.

Others factors to consider are:

  • How much do you plan to brew per month and year?
  • What is your overall budget for the project?
  • How large is your building?
  • What are you goals for the next 3-5 years?

The answers to these questions will allow us to work together to:

  • Find the right size brewing system to fit your needs now and goals for the future.
  • Find the right equipment to suit fit your budget
  • Make sure the floor space of your brewery is balanced (if you have a taproom) to ensure your business has the best possible chance to succeed.

The Layout of Your Brewery

The layout of your brewery is an important factor. It can effect:

  • How much manpower you use
  • Lower your utility costs
  • Increase brew-house efficiency and yields whilst lowering environmental costs
  • EVEN the quality of you beer

Costs and Strategic Planning: Thinking Vertically and More…

When it comes to brew-house space people forget to think vertically. For example if you have a brewpub and limited space then stacking fermentation tanks on top of one another is a great option.

Asian Brewing Consultant Stacked Fermentation Tanks
Stacked Fermentation Tanks

Also to achieve future goals planning ahead when initially installing the brewery can vastly reduce costs of expansion. Space is key in any brewery.

In addition the workflow of the brewery is critical. For example placing serving tanks in a brewpub close as possible to your taps will reduce installation expenditure as well as ongoing costs when serving your beers cold.

Utilities Costs Are One Breweries Main Expenses: Let’s Lower Them for You

The right layout of your brewery can save you money!

  • The rule is; the closer each step in the brewing process the more you save.
  • Keeping utilities closer to where they’re needed saves on installation costs. Like piping and heat loss through steam delivery for example.
  • Energy recovery systems and reducing water usage will save you money and help reduce your impact of the environment.

The Big Day – Brewery Installation

One of the most important and stressful days is brewery installation. With several brewery installs under my belt I can help the process go smoothly on the big day

Let’s Remember the 7 P’s

Prior preparation and planning can prevent piss poor performance.

There is a lot of work to do before your brewery arrives on site. I can work with the brewery equipment manufacturers and local contractors to make sure the install goes smoothly. Let’s think about:

  • Drainage – this is critical to a brewery and good planning can save a lot of pain down the line
  • Water outlets – to make sure you can keep you brewery clean sanitary
  • Spacing and usage – Will you need room for a forklift? Will most of your beers be sold in keg or bottle?
  • Utilities – Will you use gas and steam or electricity? Will your local government allow you to install a steam generator and if so what size are you allowed?

On the day of the actual install we will make sure you have enough man-power, the right equipment for lifts and cranes (depending on brewery size).

I can be there on the day and make sure you, your contractors and the equipment manufacturers are on the same page to ensure the day goes as smoothly as possible.

So in summary we can walk you through the whole process from planning through install and getting you operational for long term success.

In Conclusion

To sum up I am here to help you anyway I can. With 24 years of international brewing experience I have gone though the gamut of issues and problems so you don’t have to.

I joke I went to China for an adventure and ended up coming back to Europe with a family. However, I missed China as did my Chinese wife so, we decided to make China our home.

Please see the picture of my wife, daughter and I in front of the Fat Fat Beer Horse Tank of honor on the left.

I decided to use the knowledge I gained to set up my own business. As an Asian Brewing Consultant based in China I can assistant you with any equipment purchases…be it for expansion or brewery install.

Please feel free to contact me right now with any questions, queries or if you’re ready to make that purchase and need assistance. Simply fill in the form below, email me at [email protected]