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Successful Projects

On of our favorite projects was a 20HL turnkey brewhouse for Humdinger Brewing in Kunming. It was an expansion project from their 5HL Brewpub.

We worked with Humdinger delivering a system tailored to their budget & beer needs. With additional equipment sourced for canning and keg cleaning

logistics & Project management

Installation know-how and experience

Based In China for local equipment sourcing

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I first came to China in 2010 and have built up a large network of industry contacts, which I can utilize on your project. 

Use my local know-how to ensure the equipment you purchase is reliable, well-built and tailored you your needs


put together an equipment list

Assist in sizing your brewhouse plus what tanks and auxiliary equipment are needed

Project done in a timely manner

Understand lead times of equipment manufacturers to meet your deadlines

Find Reliable Suppliers

Use my local knowledge to select a reliable and dependable equipment manufacturer

Keep you in the loop

We’re with you every step of the way ensuring the project is delivered on time

future proof your brewery

Understand your brewery needs now plus factor in demands of future growth

factory visit before shipping

Carry out site visits to check equipment before shipping in communication with you
Years of brewing experience
Brewed in 7 countries
1 +
Brews Done

How A Brewing project comes together


We discuss your brewery project and put an equipment list together

Compare Suppliers

Get quotes from reliable suppliers, compare & make an informed decision

Keep you in the loop

Connect through the fabrication process with optional site visit


Do a factory visit & share findings before signing off for delivery

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I just want to extend a heartfelt and hearty shout out to Neil Playfoot for his excellent, patient, wise and deeply knowledgeable consultation for us at Humdinger in Kunming.

I highly recommend Neil for the job. He's incredibly patient, adaptable and knowledgeable. And I'm going to miss him!
david, Humdinger
It is my pleasure to recommend Neil Playfoot, he proved himself a valuable resource when we worked on my brewing project.

I had complete confidence in his abilities and was happy for him to be point man during installation and oversee operations. Thanks Neil for being part of the process.
Mike Gilmour, Brew Unique