High-End Brewery for Sale in Australia – Utilities

Been made aware of a high-end brewery for sale in Australia and thought I’d share. As it’s a pretty unique opportunity to own a brewing system made by Premier Stainless, a well-respected manufacturer in the brewing industry.

This turnkey brewing solution takes you from water treatment (RO Machine) through to keg filling. There’s no packaging line with the brewery. It’s a plug and play offering, ready to brew on!

Let’s take a closer look at the details…


It’s Premier Stainless 40 HL semi-automatic system

3 vessels – Mash/lauter, kettle, whirlpool.

With solenoids, sight glasses, mash paddle, grain-out hole.

400 L hop-back and 5 x mega bins.

High-End Brewery for Sale in Australia - Picture 1

Fermentation cellar

14 x 80 HL FV. Premier Stainless = 1,120HL of total fermentation capacity

Separate blow off and CIP arms.

Dump, racking and sample ports.

Recirculation inlet/outlet (for recirculation during additions to vessel)

Plus 2 x PRV and pressure gauges

The Fermentation Tanks 80HL

Bright beer tanks

80 HL x 3 Premier Stainless with carbonation stones

Separate blow off CIP arm.

2x PRV and pressure gauges.

Dry hopper

Rolec DH90, inline injection of hops.

Malt Handling

Mill – RMS 2 roller mill (USA made) with inline crush check.

Grist hopper 70 kg of malt capacity

Grist case

750 kg (with electronic vibrator) of crushed malt

High-End Brewery for Sale in Australia - Milling Set-Up

Liquor vessels

Cold liquor 120 HL, Premier Stainless (own dedicated compressor for cooling this tank)

Hop liquor 120 HL, Premier Stainless

Other Equipment

Centrifuge GEAGSC – Maximum 30HL per hour capacity

Keg Washer

Premier Stainless – 3 head

High-End Brewery for Sale in Australia - Keg Washer

High-End Brewery for Sale in Australia – Utilities

500 kW vertical water tube boiler. East Coast steam with all accessories and all automated TDS blow down.

The Steam Boiler


Integra brand reverse osmosis 1000 LPH with automated back flush with anti-scale doser.

Intergra Reverse Osmosis Machine

Compress air

CompAIR L22 22 kW compressor with water and oil separator

CompAir Air Compressor

Air dryer

CompAIR FXR80 Refrigerated


24 HP dual stage chiller with glycol reservoir and automated temp control. Pro chillers.


7 chemical bunds and safety shower with eye wash.


  • 160 L hop back.
  • Krohne IFC100 Flowmeter
  • SABCO 50 L bright vessel
  • 80 L foamer
  • Floor balance
  • Access ladder
  • Hoses
  • 45 m 1 and 1.5 inch with T/C ends continental
  • Pumps INOXPA 316 L centrifugal with VFD
Equipment Picture 4

If you like to learn more about this brewery for sale or interested in purchasing it. Then please get in touch, my email address is:


Or you scan the relevant QR code to below to add me to preferred network and message me there.

Neil Playfoot

Neil is a brewer with 25 years international brewing experience. Based out of China (first came in 2010) he works as a brewing consultant helping brewers with their projects and brewing processes. To find out what services Neil can provide your brewery please click here. If you'd like to contact Neil you can email at neil@asianbeernetwork.com.
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