Exhibition Brewhouse for Sale – Ready to Ship

I’ve another ex-exhibition brewhouse for sale (reduced price). The brewhouse is complete and ready to ship. It’s currently in China.

The system was originally built for the beer convention in Shanghai last year. Let’s take a closer look at the 4-vessel fully automated system, starting with the basic configuration.

The brewhouse is a 4-vesel system with 25HL mash tun, 25HL lauter tun 25HL kettle and 25HL whirlpool. It’s also comes with a 50HL hot liquor tank (HLT) and heat exchanger. This set up allows for 4 to 6 brews per day.

The system includes a large HLT to allow for continuous brewing, the tank is also used for storing the hot water created from wort cooling as well. It’s a one-stage heat exchanger so, needs a cold liquor tank (CLT).

You’ll use the CLT water to chill the wort going to the FV through the heat exchanger. The water goes back into the HLT so, helps make continuous brewing easier. The brewhouse efficiency is

Mash Tun

The mash tun, has an effective volume of 3,000 liters with a top installed pre-masher. It has a large heating area of 3.92 meters squared for efficient step mashing.  

The mash tun has a paddle blade with slight angle for better mixing, the agitator is at the bottom of the vessel.

Exhibition Brewhouse for Sale - Mash Paddle
Mash Paddle in Mash Tun

It has VFD control so, the brewer can regulate speed as needed. The outlet for transfer to lauter tun, is at lowest point of the tun, to take all the mash over.

There are two steam jackets around the side and bottom of vessel. The steam jacket has been installed with a coil pipe for even heating distribution.

Lauter Tun

The blades for the lauter tun are designed for optimal lautering efficiency and good wort transfer to the kettle. The stir height is adjustable as required for each individual brew.

Furthermore, the grain out is automatic, with the grain moved by the designed plate. The whole stir unit is installed on a frame to the bottom of the tank.

Lauter Rakes
Lauter Rakes – Automatic Grain Out

The mash liquid inlet for the lauter tun is at the bottom, just above the filter plates. You’ll need to fill the area below the plates with water prior to transfer of the mash. The wort grant out of the lauter tun has been designed to stop a vacuum being created between grain bed and tank bottom.

There’s a sight glass installed to make checking vorlauf and wort transfer easy, as well as a level sensor control for liquid flow control.

Brew Kettle

The kettle has both bottom and side steam jackets for even steam distribution. There’s also an internal calandria installed to increase evaporation rate.

Internal Calandria in Kettle - Ex-Exhibition Brewhouse for Sale
Internal Calandria on Brew Kettle

The brew kettle has an effective volume of 3,000 liters with a heat surface area of 6.6 meters squared. You can increase the temperature by 1 to 1.5°C per minute.

Whirlpool – Ex-Exhibition Brewhouse for Sale

The whirlpool and kettle are separate vessels. The vessel has a 3-degree slope for easy wort collection. The whirlpool’s effective volume is 2,630 liters.

There are two clear wort outlets, on the bottom and the cylinder. The bottom outlet has a wort dam installed. The vessel comes with a central spray nozzle to help remove hops when cleaning. The bottom outlet had a flow sensor installed too.

Heat Exchanger

The heat exchanger is a plate and frame with a working pressure of 5 Bar. There’s an inline thermometer to check wort temperature. There’s also an inline yeast doser plus aeration unit for wort.

Exhibition Brewhouse for Sale - Manifold
Heat Exchanger, Two Inline Hop Filters and Manifold

The aeration unit has steam and air filtration system so, you can use compressed air to aerate your wort. There’s also an inline air flow meter for checking air/O2 amount.

Water Mixing

There is automatic water mixing for mashing and sparge. It works with diaphragm flow control for both hot and cold water. There’s inline temperature display plus digital flow meter with connection to PLC to have real time flow volumes and temps.

Wort Sink

On the brewing platform there’s a wort sink between the brew kettle and lauter tun. It’s made of stainless steel, with a wort sampling jar can be chilled using city water. There’s a sink for washing and a backlit sight glass for viewing wort.

Ex-Exhibition Brewhouse for Sale - Wort Sink

Wort Sink – The sight Glass Is Backlit for Easier Viewing

Ex-Exhibition Brewhouse for Sale – Other Notes

The pipework is designed to be allow the brewhouse to be fully automatic. The brewhouse will use all DIN connections and with pneumatic valves with limit switches for valve on/off feedback.

Additionally there are two flowmeters, one after the heat exchanger to measure wort volume to the FV and one which measures wort going to the brew kettle too.

This ex-exhibition brewhouse for sale is at a reduced price for quick sale. It was for a Shanghai brewing convention last year. As I’ve worked with ZyBrew before, they asked me to help them sell it.

The brewhouse was manufactured by ZyBrew. I worked with them to install a 20HL system in Yunnan, China last year for a client. The installation went well and I was happy with the project overall.

Exhibition Brewhouse for Sale – Pricing

Here’s a list of the price for the system:

25HL Brewhouse Price

For additional equipment, like FV’s and malt mill and auger please get in touch for a quote tailored made for your needs.

ZyBrew, have breweries in many overseas breweries including those below.

ZyBrew supplied brewhouses to many overseas breweries:
  • Germany – Sudenburger Brauhaus
  • Switzerland – Turbinen Bräu AG
  • Netherlands – Uiltje Brewing Co
  • Canada – Avant-Garde Artisans Brasseurs
  • Australia – Aether Brewing
  • France – BRASSERIE OX 
  • Kosovo – SKANDERBEG SH.P.K.
  • Canada – Micro-Brasserie Shawbridge
  • Canada – Brewskey

Contact for Further Information or Register Interest in The System – Exhibition Brewhouse for Sale

If you’re would like further information regarding the brewhouse please get in touch. You can email me at:


Or you can scan the QR codes below to connect with me, on your preferred app/site. My name is Neil (link to my LinkedIn profile to show “I’m real) and I’m a brewing consultant. I help people source brewing equipment.

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I’ve been brewing for 25 years; brewed on many different systems, in a number of countries and installed several brewhouses. If you require assistance in anyway please get in touch.

Thanks, and have a good day.



Neil Playfoot

Neil is a brewer with 25 years international brewing experience. Based out of China (first came in 2010) he works as a brewing consultant helping brewers with their projects and brewing processes. To find out what services Neil can provide your brewery please click here. If you'd like to contact Neil you can email at neil@asianbeernetwork.com.
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