Cheaper Imported Malt in China

How do you to get cheaper imported malt in china? If you’re a craft brewer in China, you want to get the best malt for a good price.

This usually means imported barley from Europe. Most of this is from Belgium, Germany or the UK. The price is usually 10-15 RMB per kg depending on the malt. With some specialist grains costing even more.

What if I told that you could get malt grown in countries such as the UK, France, New Zealand and Australia for 5-10 RMB would you be interested?

Cheaper Imported Malt in China
Imported Malt (Can, Aus, France and NZ) for cheaper

Well, I have good news…

How to Get Cheaper Imported Malt in China?

Well, it costs money to malt barley, which adds to the price. There is one company that is buying barley overseas, then malting in China. This allows them to reduce the costs significantly of the finished product.

The malt is often from the same growing region, as barley as other importers of finished malt. So, it’s the same source crop.

Now the barley is however, malted in China, which is the key difference. That’s why I have been recommending this raw material supplier to my clients, with every one of them making the switch after trials..

They are all happy with the malt AND even more appreciative with the fact they have halved their malt costs overnight. All the shipments come with proper malt analysis.

You can look at the lots and an analysis before purchase too. So, the lower price definitely doesn’t mean lower quality. I know brewers from Shenzhen to Beijing who have made the switch.

I recently, as many know finished up a 20HL brewery install with a client. They switched on my advice and never looked back.

Who doesn’t want cheaper imported malt in China? It means more profit in every glass. Especially if you buy over 1,000Kg as the price per kilo becomes even cheaper.

Here is some feedback from the client after my consulting gig.

Quality Hops

If you are a brewer in China, you know that hop purchasing has been getting more difficult.

I know one brewer who had to dump a batch of beer and return 45Kg of hops because the beer was throwing onion off-flavors due to a bad lot of hops.

Flex Hops Product in China
My Supplier has Flex Liquid for bittering additions

I have spoken with several brewers in China and the hops from my trusted supplier has not led to any hop issues. Why? because all the staff are trained in brewing and understand the process.

Other hop suppliers are traders and have no real understanding of the product. Using them could be gamble with beer ending up going down the drain.

Cheaper Imported Malt in China - Crisp Malt UK
Price of Malt from Crisp Malting in the UK

Cheaper Imported Malt China – Conclusions

I have worked with this company to pass on raw material savings to you.

So, please, get in touch, let me work with you and together we can cut your malt costs whilst assessing your hop and other raw material needs too.

My email is:

Thanks for visiting my site, have a good day and happy brewing.



Neil Playfoot

Neil is a brewer with 25 years international brewing experience. Based out of China (first came in 2010) he works as a brewing consultant helping brewers with their projects and brewing processes. To find out what services Neil can provide your brewery please click here. If you'd like to contact Neil you can email at
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