Chinese Beer Stats – Is the Future Bright?

In today’s article we are going to look at some Chinese beer stats. In the hope we predict some trends as to what might happen in the coming years.

China is the second largest beer market in the world in terms of revenue. The US leads the way with a market volume of US$101,847m in 2020 as you can see below.

Chinese Beer Stats

Global Comparison – Beer Sales Revenue

We have covered this in other articles such as “Chinese Beer Statistics – Top 5 Beery Facts“. There are several explanation as to why this is the case.

The first being that China has the world’s largest population (at time of writing). The population now stands at 1,439,323,776 (thanks Google).

China Beer Stats – Beer Sales Revenue per Capita

The actual spend per person on beer by Chinese is only $41 (2018) which is low. In 2018 China wasn’t in the top 10 of beer sales revenue per capita and below these chosen countries:

  • Iceland – $706.92
  • Ireland – $537.66
  • United Kingdom – $382.60
  • USA – $346.95
  • Canada – $338.95

Furthermore we have to provide some more caveats. China has less disposable income per capita than the West. As well as the national drink of China is baijiu (a strong rice wine).

China Beer Stats – Price per Unit of Beer in China

However I predict using the table below that the amount spent by Chinese people per capita will increase. There is a growing young urbane generation of Chinese people who have a lager disposable income.

They will be spending more per unit for beer out of the home in the future. As you can see in the table below:

Beer Sales Price Per Unit in China
Price per Unit in US$

The average price per liter in the Beer segment amounts to US$1.71 in 2020. With the price per unit staying steady for beer at home but with a 15 cent rise in out of home sales.

This represents a 8% increase price per unit in out of home beers. Can we predict that the increase in China will be like the US take where local craft beer (higher priced) takes a larger market share?

Beer Sales Revenue Growth

What we can see is that predictions for the beer sales revenue growth in China will take a hit this year due to Covid-19. However the market appears to healthy and bounce back strongly in 2021.

As you can see in the table below:

China Beer Sales Revenue Growth

Revenue Growth in percent

Now yes the increase is due to a tough 2020. Which has been a world wide phenomenon as craft beer sales have been hit across the globe. However overall revenues in Chinese beer sales are predicted to grow in the next few years:

Chinese Beer Statistics Beer Sales Revenue China Year on Year
Revenue in million US$

As you can see above from 2019 to 2023 they predict a 10% increase in beer sales from 72,621 to 80,236. I would be overall encouraged by these predicted estimates.

China Beer Stats – A Conclusion

So when we use Chinese beer stats like those provided by Statista it gives us hope for the future. The Chinese beer market like those around the world suffered in 2020 due to Covid-19.

However it is predicted to bounce back strongly with forecasts for 2023 looking healthy. The question for beer in China is whether the local craft beer producers can capture some of the growing market?

All stats were provided by: Statista – click here for source

Neil Playfoot

Neil is a brewer with 25 years international brewing experience. Based out of China (first came in 2010) he works as a brewing consultant helping brewers with their projects and brewing processes. To find out what services Neil can provide your brewery please click here. If you'd like to contact Neil you can email at
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