Beer Predictions for 2022 – What Can We Expect?

A new year so, time for my beer predictions for 2022. I like to make educated guesses on what’s in store for craft beer in the year ahead. Last year I made 3 beer predictions for 2021, which were:

  • Craft lager to get more draft lines – I think this one panned out
  • Non-alcoholic beer market to grow – The NA market has seen great growth and innovation
  • Asia to produce its own beer style – Yeah, didn’t happen but Asian craft breweries won many international awards and evolved further.

So, what’s going to happen beer wise in 2022? Well, I’ve got some thoughts…

Beer Predictions for 2022 – Yeast is Going to be Huge

Yeast is going to be the “in thing”; technology is opening up new possibilities in yeast plus, people are more sequential pitching and multi-yeast beers.

Furthermore, with the likes of Crispr and mutagenizing yeast being used to improve fermentations plus, “Thiolized” strains like Cosmic Punch by Omega. Will see yeast coming to the fore in brewing in 2022.

I’ve written articles on my site discussing yeast. With two being popular ones being, brewing with wine yeast plus, co and sequential yeast pitching.

To learn more, as well as discuss these topics, the Milk the Funk Wiki and the MTF Facebook group are great places to start. Their Facebook group is full of wonderful people, happy to offer assistance and share experiences.

Beer Predictions for 2022 - Milk the Funk Logo
Milk the Funk is Wonderful Resource for Brewers Around the World

Like in the photo below, where a guy called Jeremy shared how he’d brewed a saison lager hybrid. Making a funky brew, with great drinkability.

Beer Predictions for 2022 - Yeast will be Huge
Making a Saison/Lager Hybrid Beer

I feel brewers will be adopting similar approaching in 2022.

There will be more:

  • Multi-strain beers
  • Yeast manufacturers will push new yeast strains out
  • People looking to do more wild yeast capture
  • Brewers using non-beer yeasts in their brewing

Choosing to go this route as a brewer, you need to be careful. You don’t want different yeast strains running wild in your brewery. In many breweries there’s a dedicated closed-off area, for the use of different yeasts, with its own entry/exit point.

Classic Styles Will Get Some Love – Beer Predictions for 2022

On the back of the love for lager in 2021. We will see other styles getting more love too. I recently drank a wonderful Grodziskie; made by the lovely people at Brewlosophy in Shanghai. See the beer listed on the beer board below, it’s the first one listed.

Grodziskie is a smoked Polish beer style. The two brewers Jerry and Ogi, used 100% smoked malt, to produce an extremely drinkable beer. This is a style; I’d never thought I’d see being brewed in China!

Anyone who knows me, understands I’ve a lot of love for Fat Fat Beer Horse in Xiamen.

Their owner/brewer David, makes some great interpretation of classic beers. Their Alt Bier is one of the best beers in Asia.

Brewers are discovering and brewing older styles of beer. It also ties into my yeast predictions.

You’re seeing the likes of Omega (in the US) and Joyferm (in China). Introducing new strains, which are actually old “farmhouse yeast strains”. From places like Lithuania and Norway.

Even the likes of Lallemend have got in on the act, with their Farmhouse strain. I see these beers as the antidote to milkshake IPA’s and Pastry stouts, with added cheesecake powder.

 It’s not to say these beers don’t have a place in the industry, but it’s lovely to see classic and highly drinkable styles making a comeback. Plus, being enjoyed by a new generation of craft beer drinkers.

Beer Predictions for 2022 – Drinking Local

I written a few articles on my site on small-space and hyper-local brewing. In the last few months, I’ve had several people contact me about sourcing 300-liter (roughly 2.5 US beer barrels) and smaller breweries.

Now, I know with continued pandemic, there’s concerns when drinking beer in public. However, from Australia, Central America, Eastern Europe to parts of SE Asia, I’m getting enquiries from people who want to open a small tap room.

Hyper Local Brewing - 300 Liter Brewery

People wanting to open hyper-local places, to serve craft beer to their local communities. Be it, a rural community in Australia or a neighborhood bar in Nicaragua.

Home to Pro

I see these craft beer enthusiasts wanting to brew and sell their beer. As well as educating beer drinkers, showing them there’s great tasting beer, away from the domestic macro fare.

It’s a trend I hope to see around the world, in places not usually associated with craft beer. I’m lucky, as a brewing consultant being able to speak with people outside the main markets associated with craft beer. Like the US, UK, Western Europe, Canada and Australia.

There’s are trends happening, different to traditional beer markets, in the countries listed above. I look forward to discussing small-scale project with potential brewery owners in 2022.

If you’d like to discuss a brewing project, feel free to reach out via email. My email address is:

Or add me to your preferred network by scanning the relevant QR code below and then messaging me directly.

Beer Predictions for 2022 – Conclusions

I always have fun with my annual predictions, I’m not always right; but beer isn’t always predictable. I do hope the brewing industry gets some breaks in 2022, as Covid has hit brewing hard these last two-years.

What do you think we will see with craft beer in 2022? Feel free to comment below, I always like to get other people’s thoughts an opinion on beer.

Anyway, happy new year and all the best for 2022.



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Neil Playfoot

Neil is a brewer with 25 years international brewing experience. Based out of China (first came in 2010) he works as a brewing consultant helping brewers with their projects and brewing processes. To find out what services Neil can provide your brewery please click here. If you'd like to contact Neil you can email at
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