Malt Substitution Chart for Swaen, Weyermanns, Dingemanns and Gladfields Malt

In todays article we want to give you a malt substitution chart for Swaen, Weyermanns, Dingemanns and Gladfields malt.

The above malt suppliers are the most popular in the Chinese craft beer industry. I am a fan of several of the Gladfields specialist malts like Aurora and Shepherds Delight which can make your beers sing.

The sources to gather the information for my malt substitution chart are these two webpages:

Swaen Malts Own Substitution Chart

Gladfield’s Own Malt Substitution Page

I wanted to provide all the information on one page as well as the ability to input your own costings as a brewer. The chart shows you how one malt can be switched for another as well as compare price per kilogram.

It looks like this (you can click on the image to make it bigger on this page):

Malt Substitution Chart for Swaen, Weyermanns, Dingemanns and Gladfields Malt
Malt Substitution Chart for Swaen, Weyermanns, Dingemanns and Gladfields Malt

I have created a Excel file so you can add in the price per kilogram you pay. Allowing you to see if you could buy a alternative malt cheaper if you want.

Please click the link below to see our Excel file with the ability to change it to suit your needs:

Click Here For Our Excel file (the download will begin automatically).

I will add Malt Europ malts to this file in the future as well as update this post and above above file.

Costings for Raw Materials

Depending on your brewery location, how much you are ordering and which raw material supplier you use. The price per kilogram of malt can vary.

In Asia and China there are a more suppliers of raw materials for brewing than ever before. While several years ago you had Weyermanns for malt and Yakima Chief for hops and not much more.

Now there are suppliers popping up everywhere and sometimes the local agents. Rather than the going to through the main suppliers back in Europe or the US offer greater value and lower prices.

Malt Being Milled Ready For Brewing
Malt Being Milled Ready For Brewing

If you want help searching for newer suppliers in Asia (and potentially lower costs) then Asian Beer Network can help. We have suppliers for Swaen, Weyermanns, Dingemanns, Malt Europ and Gladfields malts and more.

We also have suppliers for several yeast manufacturers, hops and other adjuncts and raw materials needed for brewing. To contact us for more information please click here.

Malt Substitution Chart for Swaen, Weyermanns, Dingemanns and Gladfields Malt – A Conclusion

As a brewer even with best laid plans you may find that you run low on a malt. Meaning you need to substitute it for another malt from an alternative supplier you have in stock.

We hope our chart will help with that. Plus help you analyze what you pay for malt. Potentially realizing you could save money by switching supplier (depending on your own preferences). As a brewer you don’t want to reduce costs at the expense of quality.

However if you can find an alternative malt that is lower in price without wildly impacting taste and/or quality. Then an it always worth considering an alternative.

Neil Playfoot

Neil is a brewer with 25 years international brewing experience. Based out of China (first came in 2010) he works as a brewing consultant helping brewers with their projects and brewing processes. To find out what services Neil can provide your brewery please click here. If you'd like to contact Neil you can email at
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