Lanemark’s TX Burners for Brewing

As an off-shoot of the direct fire heating article, people asked for more information on Lanemark’s TX burners for brewing. So…

Here’s a little extra information about Lanemark Combustion Engineering’s TX burners. I’d like to thank Adrian and his team (especially Ralph), for providing the extra material.

TX burners offer clear process liquid heating benefits for those in the microbrewing sector. Lanemark provides solutions for brewhouses typically in the 5 to 80 UK beer barrel range (8-130 hectolitres).

The “fire” doesn’t come into physical contact with the liquid itself. Instead, there’s inlet through the wall of the brewhouse vessel (brew kettle or HLT). To a tubular heat exchanger, varying from 1.5 to 6 inches (3.8 to 15.2 cm) in diameter.

Furthermore, heat from the burner is pulled through the heat exchanger by an exhaust fan, designed to optimize even heat distribution.

The brain behind this novel brewhouse heating solution is Lanemark’s in-house “TxCalc” software.

When using the TX system efficiencies in excess of 80% can be readily achieved. As the smart software has been designed to identify the optimum combination of system components.

But there’s more…

Low Exhaust Temperatures

Efficiencies and optimization of the TX system has been further enhanced by the low exhaust temperatures. In other heating options; exhaust temperatures far in excess of 300°C. Whilst TX systems are typically around 200°C.

This can lead to some 30% increase in efficiencies compared to alternate solutions.

Lanemark’s TX Burners for Brewing –Tanks Dimensions

At Lanemark they’re aware breweries are concerned about tank capacity.  Therefore, TX systems have been engineered to take up as little space as possible in the brewhouse tank. Especially for the smaller brewhouses.

Lanemark’s TX Burners for Brewing - Helical Coil Design

The solution is to offer a multi-pass tube arrangement for rectangular tanks. When it comes to circular vessels (like the one seen for Villages) a helical coil configuration is used. Where the tubes follow the curved walls of the tank at floor level.

The Technology

Lanemark’s process gas burner technology provides heat inputs up to 1,150kW (kilowatt) for brewhouse systems. Although the typical range is between 15kW to 700kW, depending on system size.

This Lanemark solution provides accurate and consistent temperatures, to guard against “hotspots and/or scorching”. Plus, maintain a rolling boil throughout brewing operations. All achieved through optional modulating temperature/gas input controls.

Lanemark’s TX Burners for Brewing – Conclusions

Thanks again to the guys and gals and Lanemark for providing the above information. I’m a brewing consultant with a small website.

Also, I would like to note at this time Bespoke Brewing Solutions (BBS) were also involved on this project being the fabricators of the brewhouse equipment. Follow the link to reach out or view their contact page here.

The solution of Lanemark’s TX burners for brewing, is appealing to brewers who need a consistent, powerful and smart heating source.

Especially true, when building or local authority regulations take other heating sources off the table, like steam (due to boiler safety issues).

The Helical Coil Inside Tanks

If you’re looking for a direct fire system which is efficient, plus, minimizes the chance of hotspots and/or scorching. Then Adrian and his team at Lanemark are happy to chat, to see if they can provide a solution for your needs. You can email them at:

Or call them on:  +44 (0) 24 7635 2000

Thanks for reading the article have a great day and happy brewing.



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