Used Equipment

This is equipment has originally been in operation elsewhere, but the brewery ceased operations.

The equipment is now available to purchase.

We work with a experienced company who can strip out the equipment and package it ready for shipment.

We only choose brewhouse systems we deem of sufficient quality for resale.

For brewhouses currently available please see our dedicated page.

New Equipment

Certain manufactures who we trust and have previous experience with sometimes have equipment in stock.

This is generally equipment which has been ordered, however the client couldn’t proceed with the order at a later date.

As such the brewing equipment is factory fresh and ready to go. We sometime have distilling equipment available too.

These are the same manufacturers we work with when sourcing brewing equipment for our clients.

300-Liter Brewery for Sale - 6 x 300-Liter FV's
6 FV's Part of a 300-Liter System Now Available
ZyBrew Brewhouse
Brewhouse in Stock with Manufacturer Ready to go

Tanks and Other Auxiliary Available in The US (Baltimore)

One of our preferred suppliers keeps a number of fermentation vessels (FV’s) and brite beer tanks (BBT’s) in stock, at their US warehouse in Baltimore. Sizes start at 3-barrels to 10-barrels. For larger sizes they have stock in their warehouse in Shanghai.

They also carry other equipment there like semi-automatic double head keg washers. As well as currently having a 3-barrel brewhouse in stock too. This brewhouse does has some minor cosmetic damage (some bent pipework), which can be easily fixed.

The tanks can be picked up directly from the warehouse too. See the picture below of one client picking up their tanks themselves.


Brewing Tanks for Sale in the US - Pick Up Yourself
Brewing Tanks for Sale in the US - Pick Up an Option