Opening a Brewery Start of 2022

Are you planning opening a brewery at the start of 2022? If you are then you might want to think about ordering soon.

It came to my attention today because I received and email from the Australia. The email was asking which equipment manufactures would I recommend in China.

He said there was no rush, as it’s for the start of 2022. However, I started to the mental calculations and thought to myself. I am not so sure about that; you might want to get a move on…

I’m not advising you to order right now. But, just consider the logistics AND that there could be an unprecedented rush for orders as this summer comes to an end.

If you wait too long; you might not get your brewhouse in time, from your preferred supplier if they’ve too many orders to fulfil. Now could be time to reach out to different equipment manufacturers and think about brewhouse design, if nothing else.

Opening a Brewery Summer 2021

I spoke to some Chinse equipment manufacturers and they’re already seeing an uptick in brewhouse orders. They agree with me; many people are looking to open a brewery at the start of 2022.

One supplier I spoke to, said this:

“We are already seeing a little inquiry increase from different areas, I hope that it’ll be getting better. And the positive news of the vaccine in US, Russia and Europe. Hopefully, life will slowly get back to normal in 2022″

Equipment manufacturer, China

I spoke with 3 manufacturers; they all feel positive for 2021 and beyond and expect to see a rush in orders

Hesitating Now Could Ruin Your Timeline.

Right now as order are starting to come in (for Chinese equipment suppliers anyway). Waiting to order might put you at the bottom of a very long list. Meaning, you might miss your deadline to open you brewery at the start of 2022.

Opening a Brewery Summer 2021

Just this week, I (today is August 8th 2021), I’ve had enquiries from Australia, Iceland, Greece and Singapore. Interest is certainly picking up as Covid-19 measures are being eased in some parts of the world.

As orders come in Chinese manufacturers are becoming busier. The good manufacturers have less spots open to make equipment for brewery projects.

How Long to Fabricate and Ship Equipment from China? Opening A Brewery

I asked three equipment manufacturers how long it takes to fabricate the equipment and then ship it to the West. Please see the table below, for the answers they gave me:

Opening a Brewery Summer 2021

So, on average you’re looking at 90 days, after signing a contract plus paying the first instalment before expecting to receive your brewhouse. That’s not taking into account unforeseen delays at port, internal transportation in country or for the equipment to clear customs.

Furthermore, manufacturing can sometimes take longer; depending on the size of the brewhouse, the design as well as materials used.

But You Haven’t Factored in Planning a Brewhouse Design!

When planning a brewery, it can take a while for the customer working with manufacturer to figure out the best layout. In my experience it will take a minimum of 2 weeks but more likely a month to lock in a design.

So, as you can see, if all goes well, timelines to be ready for the start of 2022 is already getting tight. That’s not including an extra 20 days (average time) for the install of the brewhouse once it has arrived.

So, let’s look at the timeline:

Opening a Brewery Summer 2021 - Timeline for Ordering

So, if all goes well and there’s no unforeseen delays due to logistics. Roughly 5 months for a brewhouse to be ready if you’re ordering from China. Then there’s time lost for the festive season and CNY.

Conclusions – Opening a Brewery at the Start of 2022

I know there are other factors, like delay in ordering a brewhouse until you have a building. I am not looking to scare people. Just stating the facts that if you’re planning opening a brewery at the start of 2022, please don’t wait too long.

I am advising my clients to at least start working with me, on sizing a brewery, brewhouse design, getting initial quotes and forming a relationship with a few Chinese manufactures. So, if there’s a rush they’ll be at the front of the queue.

If you need help with any of the following:

  • Sizing a brewery
  • Brewhouse design
  • Sourcing and speaking with equipment manufacturers in China
  • Getting quotes from different suppliers, breaking prices down and evaluating them
  • Need someone to inspect the fabrication of a brewery being made in China and sign off before shipping

Then please feel free to reach out; either by leaving a comment below, reaching out to me on social media (see the QR codes below) or sending me an email to:

My Social Media QR Codes

I am UK brewer with 25 years of international experience, whose done many brewhouse installs. Now based in China, having first brewed here in 2010. I now work as brewing consultant helping people with their brew projects.

Anyway, thanks for reading my article, have a good day and happy brewing.



Here are a couple of testimonials from people I have worked with:

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Neil Playfoot

Neil is a brewer with 25 years international brewing experience. Based out of China (first came in 2010) he works as a brewing consultant helping brewers with their projects and brewing processes. To find out what services Neil can provide your brewery please click here. If you'd like to contact Neil you can email at
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