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Carbonation Levels for Beer Styles

Today I’d like to talk about carbonation levels for beer styles, which for a British brewer might seem odd. As British brewing heritage is “making flat warm beer” to a…

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Chinese Canning Line for Beer

So, today let’s look at sourcing a Chinese canning line for beer. It came up in a discussion I was having today. I was speaking with a client looking to…

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Spunding Beer During Fermentation

Today I want to talk about spunding beer during fermentation. Reason being; it’s discussed amongst brewers regularly online. Especially when lagers are the topic of discussion… So, What Is Spunding?…

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Opening A Taproom Tips – Go Bigger
BrewDog Brewhouse Finished

Opening A Taproom Tips – Go Bigger

This post is offering "opening a taproom tips". Well kind of anyway. All will be revealed... Furthermore, playing round with the format today. I'm doing a lot of travelling for…

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Minimum Brewery Equipment List

Today we’re going to look at the minimum brewery equipment list you need to start a brewery. This came up in an interview I did recently with the Build Me…

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Hop Cannon Issues – And Their Fixes

Today’s article is titled “hop cannon issues”. This article is a response to my first article on hop cannons called “hop cannons for dry-hopping”. I got some feedback on LinkedIn,…

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Hop Cannon for Dry Hopping – Q & A
Chinese Made Hop Cannon for my client

Hop Cannon for Dry Hopping – Q & A

I was asked 11 question about using a hop cannon for dry hopping. It was for a particular Hop Cannon made by a supplier in China. I had recommended a…

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Chinese Brewing Equipment Review
Bespoke Brewing Solutions Cellar Room

Chinese Brewing Equipment Review

In today’s article we are doing a Chinese brewing equipment review. Looking into Chinese brewing equipment manufacturers and how to differentiate between them. Hoping it will guide you in understanding…

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Brewing Beer with Wine Yeast

Today I want to discuss brewing beer with wine yeast. Utilizing sequential yeast pitching for mixed fermentation brews. This is a subject that has recently got my attention, however there…

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My 10 Brewing Commandments

So here are my personal 10 Brewing Commandments. Firstly, a little about how this article came about... I am currently helping on a brewing installation as a brewing consultant. I…

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